Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

A great teacher, excellent academic, inspirational leader and down to earth colleague

Paa Kobina and Allswell Awo Forson

We still can’t take it in. This is simply unimaginable! I believe God must have a special plan in all of this and time will surely tell. We pray for strength to wade through time and to understand better by and by. 

Prof, you are one teacher one cannot forget. Your style of teaching was simple. What we loved about you most was your ability to relate with us outside the classroom.

Many years after leaving your Physiology class and graduating from Medical school, Prof you still remember us and call us by our first names. This was simply amazing! 

Thank you for inspiring hope to many of us and being an example we could look up to. 

Thank you for gracing our very first EMSOG conference in Kumasi last November. Thank you for the lovely intro you gave us at Medical Knowledge Fiesta. Most importantly, Prof, thank you for the wink and tip during my Physiology orals 17 years ago. 

Prof da yie