Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule


Nana Ama Wiafe

During my physiology orals in medical school (it was my very first med school orals), I cried all 10-15 minutes of the encounter (reason? I can’t even remember). Prof asked his colleagues on the panel to take a brief pause so i could calm down. Indeed, he tried to calm me down with a joke (I can’t remember what joke it was), told me i had more than enough knowledge to answer the questions and took time to ask some basic questions to get me going.

A few minutes later, I answered the questions, thanked Prof and the panel and made my way out; with a new found affection and respect for this GREAT TEACHER.

And ever since then he would take the time to stop and ask how i was doing whenever we met in the hallway or in KATH.

You were truly a great teacher Prof, I can’t say that enough. Writing this, i hope i can make an impact in our medical community as you have.

Rest well. Rest in peace