Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

A True Father Like No Other

Dr. Dzifa Ahadzi

I first met Prof Plange-Rhule over a decade ago as a freshman in SMS-KNUST. I was his charge, handed over to him by my mother to watch over for the duration of my stay in Kumasi.

He did everything he could to draw me in, he took me into his home and his wonderful family treated me like a long lost relative. He would always introduce me to his friends as his daughter. 

I had the rare privilege of being watched over by this astute physician and fine gentleman.

By my 4th year of medical school I was thoroughly convinced that his path certainly had to be my path. When I told him I wanted to be an Internist he was so excited and urged me on. 

On the day of my graduation, he was there. Hugs and smiles…so many years down the line, a few words of encouragement from this great man had propelled on a path I had seen him tread with such ease and finesse. 

I owe you so much Daddy. You have been such a father to me, caring about the little things about my life that should have been so trivial for a man of your caliber and stature.

I still cannot believe that you are gone. My heart breaks over and over again when it dawns on me afresh. 

But I know that heaven is a better place for you my father. You have lived a full life and it is time for you to rest in the bosom of your maker. 

You are forever in our hearts, your legacy lives on through us Daddy. 

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.