Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Makers of Great Men

Makers of Great men; not many achievers climb the ladder of success in life and still remain approachable, relevant and impactful in the lives of those below them. But you, Prof. Plange-Rhule, made positive impacts in the lives of many. Often times, we wish for many years in our lives but you had much life in your years.


Last year through to this year has been a defining moment in my life and you were there not only to support me but to hold my hands even when certain expectations didn’t go as planned. Eventually my success was your joy. You’ve been instrumental and pivotal in my life which is why demise is so heart-wrenching for me.


Reflecting on my connection with you, I am strongly convinced that my relationship with you was not meant to be limited to the walls of the classroom but was destined and designed to be purposeful one. I may not necessarily have failed at what we achieved together but I know it would have been difficult or quite challenging without you. There’s nothing more painful in life than to struggle needlessly when God has already made provision for you through someone; when that someone has been given as an answer and a channel to your blessing. I thank God that our paths crossed, our relationship was sustained over the years and a divine purpose was fulfilled through you.


Prof, I remember my promise to you, “I will make you Proud” and I also remember the joy with which you responded. Yes, I will keep my promise to you and though you are no more, I will not tell my success stories without acknowledging I stood on the shoulders of giants like You. You will forever be in my heart. Though we had ‘unfinished business’, your seed will bear fruits; your good works will speak for you and your descendants and family shall reap your blessings.


I love you, Prof. Thank you for being a great mentor to me; thank you for being a father, a teacher and a friend to me. Rest in God’s goodness knowing that you lived well. Till we meet again at Jesus’ feet. Farewell, Sir. 


  • Dr. Gideon Gratien Montgomery