Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

My friend, my teacher, my father and my mentor


Its soo soo soo painful that we didnt even finished what we discussed.  You were always available to guide and direct.  You would say “Collins ebeye yie” (Collins  it shall be well).

My heart is broken by your demise. You advise us to take good care of ourselves but fight this virus with all our might and defeat it. Now it feels like this same virus has not spare us, giving us more grieve than we could ever imagine.  Words cannot explain how I feel now, more than deserted. 

Maa Gyikua and the gals will miss you soo much.

I will also miss you so much. 

They say time will heal but this time, time will not heal completely. 

Rest in peace Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule (P-Rhule as I call you).

Onyame mfa wonsie.