Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule


Emmanuel Kusi

Pee Rhule as my dad would call him and smile after because he was an enemy to none but a friend to all. He was and will continue to be one of the greatest doctors and Professors Ghana would ever have , why do I say this , he had the passion and the drive to be the best doctor one could find and the best mentor one could take up. Always with a smiley face Prof helped me on two occasions that was back in 2008 and just recently in 2020. On the two occasions I was very ill and out of touch with what is and what will be because I saw no ends to grace, he came in did all the necessary checks sent me to the best centers to be cared for. He wouldn’t hesitate to help when my dad called that I wasn’t feeling well all because he didn’t understand how a young strong boy like me would be ill and always made me have a good laugh too. Last year he helped me a great deal by letting me see the best doctors as I fell ill and as I was going to see him after a long period of illness I knew as I am going to see him such an astute doctor everything would be fine and my guess was as good as gold he assured me everything will be fine and definitely it was all because he understood the fundamentals of carefully caring for someone. On that Friday morning my dad broke the news to me I could not simply bring myself to believe it, How? was the first question I asked, just because I couldn’t  phantom such a loss, days after Prof’s passing I still couldn’t believe it. We have lost a great man a wonderful father and an excellent mentor. Words can not express this loss. Prof damirifa due Pee Rhule rest well you have served well and we appreciate you.