Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Still in disbelief!

Dr. Ruth Owusu-Antwi

Prof,  i am still struggling with using the expression “R*** in peace” for you!….

“Rest” S3n? I mean, how can a person so full of life  be told to rest……in peace?!!!

My eyes are sore with sobs…….

But i stop crying from time to time when i reassure myself its all not true….

Only to see your picture somewhere to remind me indeed, you are gone….

i know i should have told you how i thought of you as a down to earth, humble person…

i should have told you i was constantly amazed that as busy as you were, you managed to pick up phone calls from a “nobody” like me, all the time….

i should have told you how intrigued i was at your ability to be my rector, my Boss, my teacher, a father and a friend all at the same time….

i should have told you how impressed and excited i was about all the improvements you were bringing into Psychiatry postgraduate training in Ghana ….

Oh!, i should have simply told you one of these days that you are one of the nicest people i ever knew .…..

Prof! Damrifa due o!

due ne amanehunu.

May God keep you in His bosom till we meet again.

My sincere condolences and prayers goes out to  Aunt Gyikua and the girls.

God will keep you!