Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Tribute by Dr. Emmanuel Ati

Dr. Emmanuel Ati

Your work on earth has made a positive impact on many lives. I remember how you made it so easy to understand complex medical topics. The lecture on how to differentiate between pleural effusion, consolidation and pneumothorax is still fresh in my mind. You inspired confidence in me as a house officer, you encouraged me as a resident and you gave me the opportunity to work with you at Adum Clinic. A relationship that I missed dearly when you left to take up a role as vice rector of GCPS. Even though I have lost a great mentor, your good works and life history are there to guide me in my professional career. Surely, there is a time for every purpose under the sun. You have done your part with the time the Lord has given you and you will forever be in our hearts.  Rest in perfect peace.