Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Nante Yie, Prof. RIP

I did not get the benefit of sitting through your lectures as a student, but your students spoke well of you. My encounters with you during my housemanship training in your department confirmed the good stories from your students. From then on, I’ve known you to be a good Teacher, a great mentor to many and a motivator.
As a Professor of medicine (still a rare breed on our continent), how you failed to intimidate your juniors and your students, was amazing. All your students referred to you as a friend, when they became your junior colleagues. What you inspired in us will continue to glow in us. To my Boss, Dr Mrs Plange-Rhule, your loss and that of your family is greater than ours in the medical fraternity. We pray that the family finds strength from the Lord to deal with this painful loss. Nante Yie, Prof. RIP