Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

A letter to my teacher, my mentor, my friend, my Boss!

eseenam agbeko


Dear Prof,


No, this is an ‘off the record’ encounter, so……


Dear Uncle Jacob,


It’s a good thing I don’t have to read this out loud, because as you already know, it will result in a big ‘cry baby’ moment, and you are not here to laugh and tease me about it.


The memories are many, the lessons learnt from you countless, but these two will forever remain, because they continue to guide the choices I make everyday:


  • ·       If you want to cause change, then be a part of the team causing the change, play an active role, however small; when you are given the opportunity to be on the team, grab it; if not actively look for the opportunity to be on the team; and if none of the former work, create the opportunity to be on the team – ultimately, be on the team!


  • ·       Always come to the table with evidence, sound evidence – that is what wins the argument.


You taught so much, both professionally and socially, much more than you were aware of.


And yes, you LIVED…a father, a teacher, a leader, a funded researcher, a mentor, a friend, a brother, a great boss……


When I served on GCPS council, I would come to your office many times with complaints and suggestions and sometimes you would say… “this thing you want me to do, if I am called to account for it, what would I say, and you won’t be there”.


Now I sit here and all I want to say is Uncle Jacob wake up, open your eyes, just open your eyes!! Because there is so much more to be said, many more suggestions about postgraduate training to discuss. But you have been called to the courts of heaven, and I am not there. But oooo… you sure know what to say, you have so much to say. And even if, just if, for this one time you were lost for words, your deeds do speak for you. The tributes tell it all, indeed, wo ndwuma pa rekasa!!


Prof, Uncle Jacob, rest well!! Da yie!


May God grant us the grace to live the great lessons we learnt from you.


Till we meet again!


It’s yours truly,


Eseenam Agbeko.