Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

From Gyikua’s Family

Adowa Attia-Opoku

Dr Jacob Plange Rhule was a noteworthy human being; more accomplished than some of us even knew. Gyikua brought him into our extended families some 33 years ago and we embraced him.

At a personal level, Grandma has said it; there was so much to appreciate. A Christian gentleman with a beautiful mind; soft spoken but a fighter with a cutting edge.

A number of Gyikua’s nephews and nieces visited or spent time at the house in Kumasi over the years. He welcomed them as “uncle” or “daddy”, and truly took an interest in their future, encouraging them to do their best.

He had great friends amongst his “in-laws”, starting from Kumasi and representing both sides of Gyikua’s family. He encouraged, assisted and supported many of us in different ways and showed no plans to close out, though he was assuming huge responsibilities.

Conversations with him revealed his humour and bonhomie, as he analyzed different issues and happenings, but also backed his record as a man of knowledge and integrity with a strong sense of nationalism that made him envisage so much for the country’s health sector and for Africa in general. He was at his best when envisaging forms of improvement or assistance, and his passion shone through.

We also liked the Paa Kwamena we were seeing more recently. Though no less determined about his work and projects, he had been letting himself enjoy life a bit more, extending his circle of friends, for example through golf clubs. There was a more relaxed side of him. We remember he was truly “lit” at his daughter’s wedding last year and we would have wanted to see other such occasions.

We loved him dearly. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.