Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule


Dr. Nyimdzee Dennis

This one hit too close to home Prof! Don’t know which words to use. One memory of you stands out so clear : one evening I saw you at Patasi and came over to say hello. You introduced the elderly gentleman with you as  your professor friend from St George’s Hospital, London. My next words were: “Oh St. George’s, I applied for electives and was told their slots were full”. In the next five minutes, you rectified the situation and I was on my way to St George’s for electives. What impressed me the most was that you actually wrote down the train directions from the airport to the hospital for me.In my mind; I was old enough to find my way around London, but I took it anyway. How valuable those directions turned out to be!

    In my heart and mind, you are forever present. My dedicated lecturer, mentor, Uncle, friend, one perfect gentleman, powerful yet humble.