Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Tribute From Bleoo 76

Bleoo 76 Classmates Accra Academy




Prof, is how all Ghana and the Medical fraternity across the globe call you now


That is the manifestation of how you have affectionately touched those you’ve come across in your life’s journey. 

Among us the classmates however. we affectionately call you “Scrotata”. Let no one ask why.


Professor Jacob Plange-Rhule. A Gentleman’s Gentleman. A distinguished Medical Doctor with a heart of gold. Humble and very caring. A Teacher, Brother, Uncle, Father, an extraordinary personality who leaves a mark on whomever he comes across.


We got so used to you, we knew you’ll always be there for us so it was okay to always say “Oh I’ll call you tomorrow”. You never said “No”; I’ll look into it and get back to you”, were your usual parting words on the phone.


You were always eager to help any and every one of us, yourmates, anytime we had any medical and other issues, more soas we all got older. Prof, despite your busy and hectic schedule, you would still receive us in your office and hear us out.


These are some of the stories from fellow classmates: –


– One time my wife Florence and I were on our way to SefwiWiawso for a funeral. We got to Kumasi in the night and Prof said to us. You will have to stay the night and continue in the morning. I have paid for stay in a hotel. Spend the night and continue the journey in the morning. A generous soul and caring spirit. Prof, you arranged for a clinical psychologist to attend to my sibling when we needed one most. Dear friend and brother, you have made grown men weep uncontrollably. We are broken yet who are we to question the will of God. – Aaron Martey


– It was Prof who came looking for me at GIMPA, after the death of my father, He was so caring and kind that he made all the arrangements for his embalmment at the Medical School mortuary. –Rev. Prof Godson Tetteh


– He made me very proud when I was at post in Equatorial Guinea. An official at the presidency then, wanted some information on his son in Ghana was then at KNUST, I called Prof and as was usual with him, he heard me out. The next day he had all the information the official needed.  – Amb. R.O Solomon
– I lived with him in Kumasi for the four years I was there, he and his wife took care of all my medical needs and that of friends I introduced to him, people he had never even met. – Oloboi Commodore


– Come Friday 5pm my phone rings – Abed Botchway
Opo kede!    That’s our salutation 
Where are you, 
Am just shutting down in the office
Let’s meet up and share a beer!
Sure, let me know where –
Labadi Beach Hotel, the usual spot (laughing)


Can’t believe we’re not meeting up again, can’t believe we’re not going to play our Sunday golf game again- Opo Kede.



This Life has constantly tested our joytossed our happinessinto the wild and sometimes, slipped us into the unknown oblivion of sorrow, pain, mourning and weepingThe news of your departure heralded such moments. We were utterly heartbroken when we learnt about your tragic and untimely demise


The sudden death of our true friend and dear brother JacobPlange-Rhule, with whom we enjoyed childhood memories from 1971 when we first met to start our lifelong friendship as Classmates in Accra Academy is one that has left us only intears, sorrow, perpetual mourning and an irreplaceable loss! We shall forever cherish the fond memories of those days of cream-shirted young boys to the Green-shirted Big Boys in Sixth Form and your artistic skills in the class room and dribbling antics on the football pitch, not forgetting your passion for hockey.


But sometimes life has a cruel way of picking out those thingslike how the wind picks out the petals of an emerging flower; breaking them up into  bits and throwing them about. us into bins 


Now when you’re broken, it is very difficult to feel special againSadly, but true, most of us have been broken and lost many times in our lives, but such special people in our lives have been able to reach out , picked us up and made us whole again. If it was up to us alone, we would have never been able to do that. And this is why having great people like Professor Plange-Rhule, meant so much to us, no matter how brokenor how lost we become, he was able to fix us back together.


Even though our hearts have been filled with pain, eyes filled with tears and we feel helpless since your demise, we find solace in what the song writer said; –


When peace like a river attended my way, 

when sorrows like sea billows roll, 

whatever my lot thou hath taught me to say; –

it is well, it is well with my soul’


Jacob was a noble man who was remarkable, knowledgeable,clothed with excellence, down-to-earth and a true statesman who served humanity with passion in and outside hisprofessional career. 


Today, we do not only mourn a human being a hero, a statesman, a familyman, true friend, a dear brother and a remarkable Professor of medicine. You have been a great inspiration to all of us Bleoobii ‘76 and a motivation to all who knew you; both in social and professional circles


Right from Accra Academy through to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and till your untimely demiseyou remained core part of our lives, aourfriendship graduated into brotherhood


As a class prefect way back in Accra Academy, you proved your leadership and also served as the pillar, pace-setter and the team leader who ensured that all issues pertaining to academic and administrative queries were addressed in a timely fashionYou never took fun out of life. Sadly, death has taken you from your family, your loved ones, your colleagues and your friends and medical fraternity. It is really difficult to believe you are gone; to believe we cannot have our usual memorable talks and to imagine that you will nomore be with us at our end-of year get-together which comes with infectious laughter and happiness. It is really difficult to believe anything about your death!


But in all, we give thanks to God for your life.  What WeBleoobii ’76 mates can say is, we lost you, but God has found you. It is our fervent hope, utmost wish and sincere prayer that Yahweh himself will ensure a peaceful repose of your noble soul.


Prof, everything happens for a reason, we dare not question the will of God. In all of this: wish your wife Gyikua, the Children and the rest of the family our heartfelt condolences and commit to stand by them as you did for all of us. 


You will never be forgotten.


Jacob Plange-Rhule. May you rest in father Abraham’s bosom till we meet again. May God grant you a Perfect Peaceful Resttill we meet again. Damirifa Due Plange-Rhule!!!