Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Tribute from the West African College of Physicians

Dr Albert Akpalu SG WACP

Tribute by the West African College of Physicians to

Dr. Jacob Plange Rhule

Fellow of the West African College of Physicians, Faculty of Internal Medicine in 2007.

He raised the standard of medical care provided to patients with Hypertension and Renal diseases with his collaborative research and very impactful publications and public advocacy.  He also fostered cooperation among Postgraduate Colleges across the sub region in his capacity as Rector of the GCPS leveraging from his many leadership roles.

He was a dedicated reviewer of proposals and dissertations and a willing examiner making the journey to Ibadan/Accra or Abuja for College examinations. He was actively involved in strengthening and sustaining the Faculty and Sub-specialty of Nephrology. He was a great mentor and a role model to many.

We are happy he served the College selflessly and uninterruptedly, and was in the forefront of improving residency and postgraduate medical education across the sub region with his innovations and application of technology to training.

Our sincere condolences go to the wife and family, the Faculty of Internal Medicine, Nephrology sub-specialty, The Ghana Chapter of the WACP for the irreplaceable loss.

Fare thee well Dr Jacob Plange Rhule

To our founding fathers Allegiance Accord

Great Fellows and great Members yet we Afford

To our Benefactors and Trainers we give Honour

And we remember fallen Colleagues of Valour

We lift up, therefore our voices together and say

Hail the Great College, Our Homage we pay

Hail the Great College, our Homage we pay

(Second Stanza College Anthem)

Rest in Peace