Prof. Jacob Plange-Rhule

Tribute to a great Mentor.

Dr Hannah-Lisa Tetteh

TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MENTOR. Words fail me..still hard to believe. ?. As the calls kept coming, I hoped the story would be different but it’s been a week, and it remains the same. Prof Plange – Rhule was such a selfless man, easily approachable, very generous and a man with a heart of gold. Irrespective of his great achievements, he was humble in his dealings with everyone and was never too busy to listen or lend a helping hand and of course, share a joke or tease. He had such a  pleasant personality. Prof was a concerned mentor. He had time to attend to our individual concerns and followed our academic progress with keen interest, not failing to draw our attention to areas he felt we needed to pay more attention to so for us knowing failure was not an option, we had no option but to pass. As leader of his mentorship group, I knew through conversations and his actions, the extra effort he put in to understand and get to know all of us, especially those who were laid back so he could get a unique way of dealing with each of us to bring out the very best in us. For me, he taught me to confidently pursue my dreams and goals esp in leadership and made me believe that no dream was unattainable as I followed his exemplary leadership. He was encouraging. Prof, as u took our mentorship group to fancy restaurants for our meetings, u encouraged us to enjoy the fine things in life and have balanced lifes as doctors. Even after school, u kept track and followed our progress. You also taught us to push and always fight harder and I wish u did same  this time around… I didnt have the chance to repay u for all your goodness towards me, oh Prof. Your group didn’t have the chance to take u to one of these fancy restaurants when u retired. Oh Prof. You didn’t reap all the fruits of the labor of the many good seeds u sowed. Oh Prof. This is really sad. Rest in the bosom of the Lord, Prof, Plange-Rhule. You truly were a GOOD MAN.

Dr Hannah-Lisa Tetteh, leader, plange-rhule mentorship group.